When are we going to see a price drop in tablets.

I think the tablet market is exploding at the moment. Apple is make millions with their IPAD, and all the other manufactures want to follow in their footsteps. What would you choose? IPAD at 700$ or Samsung Galaxy at 600$. Personally I say, make the tablets cheap, and the sales will be boosted 200%.
See here for more info.

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Endless possibilities with Microsoft’s Kinect

p { margin-bottom: 0.21Since the release of Microsoft’s Kinect, the world has been in a buzz. Crackers writing drivers, testing and thinking of new ways to use the game intended Kinect.

Here is some of my/other ideas for the Kinect.
  • Use it for media centers to navigate/start/stop ect. No more remote controls is needed.
  • Recognize people in a room, and starts most frequent programs used on a computer.
  • It can be programmed to remember certain objects to help you find misplaced items in your house like your cellphone, keys and rings…
  • Can be used as a teacher. The computer can talk to you, explaining different objects, or as a device that controls your house music, lighting and temperature to the specifications of a certain person.
Share some of your ideas. Lets hope for the best, and maybe in the near future some great things will emerge.
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Gopro HD action sports camera VS others

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If your’e reading this, you probably thinking of getting yourself a action/sports camera, and still a bit indecisive. Here is some thoughts to point you in the right direction.
After I read half the reviews on the internet about action/sports camera. A lot of things comes to mind.
  • Don’t really have the money.
  • Is it worth the money
  • Is the quality as good as they say.
I did myself a favour and looked on youtube. You can clearly see the difference in quality and quantity. There is 1000’s of gopro videos on youtube compared to any other camera out there. So I thought I’m going to take a leap of faith. And I can tell you GOPRO was worth the money, every cent.
When I received the package, I was like a little kid opening a Christmas present. The camera was protected in a hard plastic container strapped onto a box containing all the other mountings/cables/battery ect. I must say, it was a bit hard getting the battery into the cover, its a very snuggle fit.
GoPro HD HERO Camera Naked - Wearable 1080p HD Video and Still Photo Camera
I mainly use my camera for kite surfing on a helmet and now have more than 100GB of footage. There is a lot of options in resolutions you can set. The menu takes some getting used to. You can set the camera to take Wide horizontal video, vertical, 30/60fps on certain resolutions.
The video quality is amazing, you can pause the video at any time and look the detail of every little thing. I know a lot of people is complaining about the size and look of the gopro (square litte box). But it’s very flexible in viewing angles, it can be adjusted forward and backwards, you can stick the mountings on everything you can think of, and they really stick for life and death.
Tip for buying a Gopro in South Africa is to go ebay or Amazon rather than to a local site. Look for a trusted seller. And you will almost save upto R1000. Shipping takes anything from 1 week to 3 weeks. ( I know what your thinking. Support your local stores) But the really overcharge for the Gopro HD
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Make money with blogging.

You have probably read 100’s of blogs and how to’s. I found most of them very unhelpful.
After all your ads and posts and still nothing? Take a look at this seo service.
Here is a quick tip/review of a product called Webeserve. Easy way to make money online.
The look and fell of the website if very easy to use. Looks professional. One can see quickly what the standard and quality is of an product judging by the amount of effort in the website.

Registering only took 3mins to complete. After that, you can get started with adding your blog to their site. They will then check it out and make sure it’s legit and looks professional. After all, people indrectly pay you to review their products and it will appear on your blog.

Take it from me, I have looked around. And most Pay Per Review only promises, but when you register and wait weeks. You’ll come to realise there isn’t jobs available. That is defnitely not the case at Webeserve. After the registration, simply click on find jobs. And a list will appear.

If you then click on the job you wish to do, you will then be promoted how much you want to earn doing a specific service. You can set the amount (in dollars $) and the list in the price range will update.

Select the job you wish to do. Simply by clicking on the job. A brief description is given and the requirements per job. Eg. Words, pictures ect. If you happy with the job, click on the + sign and the job page will load, where you will verify adding this job and some notes for yourself or employees (multiple bloggers)

Start blogging, and when the job is done, return and complete the job subscription.

Happy blogging.

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Google Chrome VS other browsers.

Just some thought and experience on Google Chrome browser compared to other browsers.
Firstly, I do want to mention that Google Chrome is extremely fast…

Here is some points on why I choose Google Chrome above other browsers.

  • Fast, Doesn’t lag when opening a new tab
  • When typing a new URL in the address bar, and you press enter and you realized you made a mistake, and press enter, you’re URL will still be there. Do the same in IE, and it disappears. 
  • Have your Home computer and work computer in SYNC with you’re Gmail account. Eg. If you added a Bookmark at work, and want to access it from home, all that data will be synced.
  • Performance on HTML 5. Try to open Google’s body browser (http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com/body.html) using IE or Mozilla and you will see a worlds difference.
  • Plugins (extensions) is extremely fast and easy to install. One click. The one that I use on my Chrome is Adblock. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a advert.
Don’t let using the internet be a pain. It must be a fun and easy experience. 
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True or fake, Balance Bracelets

Power Balance Silicone Wristband, Black/Black, SmallBy now you probably have heard about the Balance Bracelets out there. For you that doesn’t know. It’s a little colorful bracelet that you wear on your arm. There has been thousands of articles discussing this same topic. But my opinion is that the balance bracelets is all in your head. You believe that you gained some extra balance from the bracelet, tricking your mind.

The manufacturer even “admitted” that there is NO scientific evidence in this product that helps you balance.
Many celebrities and sport starts believe in this.

They had this at the Sexpo in Cape Town the other day, and my friend opted to test it out. The lady puts it on your arm, and asked you to do various test. And then magically you can do weird balancing stuff (Eg. Not being able to be pulled over if standing in a funny position.). Anyway, So my friend asked his girlfriend to pull on him with the same amount of force, and he got pulled over. It’s all about the sales.

Funny thing I head, They were selling it at a stand as the ones NASA wears. Yeah right. And the punch line is. They said, beware of cheap imitations.

What do you think, Fake or True?
Do you know if the celebrities is still wearing it?

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Quick review of DSTV drifta

I got my DSTV Mobile (drifta) using my E-bucks from FNB on Kalahari.net, so one can say it’s almost free.
Just a quick note on the technology it’s using. The DSTV Drifta uses DVB-H and it’s locked to the DSTV signal. So even if there is new providers like E-TV (they own 40% of the spectrum) you won’t be able to pick up their signal.

You will be amazed by the size of this device. It’s as big as a credit card, and almost as thick as a cellphone.

You probably have read that the antenna is a bit dodgy, that is true, I try to work carefully with the antenna.
Setting up the device is super quick, give DSTV a call (number in manual, and they are very helpful) and give your smart card/serial number (on the device) they will then activate it for you. Restart the device, and go stand outside if you still didn’t receive signal. I found that it takes quite a while to get the initial signal, but once you got that, the next time is within seconds.

Install the software provided on your Computer, and off you go. The TV Schedule is loaded and shows current/future program and progress of each channel.
It can take up to a minute to connect to a channel, but once you’re connected, you’re sorted. I don’t think traveling with this device would work. Because moving around with it, interfere with the signal. (Just my opinion.)

The Quality is quite good for that resolution. This will look amazing on a cell phone. Or just to watch the cricket game at work. This can’t work for a permanent tv solution. I currently own a HTC Hero which runs Android. There is no software out for this. But the technician explained they are currently working on this, and will be released asap.

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