Gopro HD action sports camera VS others

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If your’e reading this, you probably thinking of getting yourself a action/sports camera, and still a bit indecisive. Here is some thoughts to point you in the right direction.
After I read half the reviews on the internet about action/sports camera. A lot of things comes to mind.
  • Don’t really have the money.
  • Is it worth the money
  • Is the quality as good as they say.
I did myself a favour and looked on youtube. You can clearly see the difference in quality and quantity. There is 1000’s of gopro videos on youtube compared to any other camera out there. So I thought I’m going to take a leap of faith. And I can tell you GOPRO was worth the money, every cent.
When I received the package, I was like a little kid opening a Christmas present. The camera was protected in a hard plastic container strapped onto a box containing all the other mountings/cables/battery ect. I must say, it was a bit hard getting the battery into the cover, its a very snuggle fit.
GoPro HD HERO Camera Naked - Wearable 1080p HD Video and Still Photo Camera
I mainly use my camera for kite surfing on a helmet and now have more than 100GB of footage. There is a lot of options in resolutions you can set. The menu takes some getting used to. You can set the camera to take Wide horizontal video, vertical, 30/60fps on certain resolutions.
The video quality is amazing, you can pause the video at any time and look the detail of every little thing. I know a lot of people is complaining about the size and look of the gopro (square litte box). But it’s very flexible in viewing angles, it can be adjusted forward and backwards, you can stick the mountings on everything you can think of, and they really stick for life and death.
Tip for buying a Gopro in South Africa is to go ebay or Amazon rather than to a local site. Look for a trusted seller. And you will almost save upto R1000. Shipping takes anything from 1 week to 3 weeks. ( I know what your thinking. Support your local stores) But the really overcharge for the Gopro HD

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