True or fake, Balance Bracelets

Power Balance Silicone Wristband, Black/Black, SmallBy now you probably have heard about the Balance Bracelets out there. For you that doesn’t know. It’s a little colorful bracelet that you wear on your arm. There has been thousands of articles discussing this same topic. But my opinion is that the balance bracelets is all in your head. You believe that you gained some extra balance from the bracelet, tricking your mind.

The manufacturer even “admitted” that there is NO scientific evidence in this product that helps you balance.
Many celebrities and sport starts believe in this.

They had this at the Sexpo in Cape Town the other day, and my friend opted to test it out. The lady puts it on your arm, and asked you to do various test. And then magically you can do weird balancing stuff (Eg. Not being able to be pulled over if standing in a funny position.). Anyway, So my friend asked his girlfriend to pull on him with the same amount of force, and he got pulled over. It’s all about the sales.

Funny thing I head, They were selling it at a stand as the ones NASA wears. Yeah right. And the punch line is. They said, beware of cheap imitations.

What do you think, Fake or True?
Do you know if the celebrities is still wearing it?


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2 Responses to True or fake, Balance Bracelets

  1. Nick says:

    Fake fake fake… placebo effect all the way. Try doing the tests with 5 bands, one being different and the test subject not seeing any of the bands. Ill bet they wont be able to tell the "fake" (haha) from the "real" ones!

  2. Markus says:

    Hehe, that would be a good/funny test to see. This band is just another "trend" and the manufacturer is coining it all the way.

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