Quick review of DSTV drifta

I got my DSTV Mobile (drifta) using my E-bucks from FNB on Kalahari.net, so one can say it’s almost free.
Just a quick note on the technology it’s using. The DSTV Drifta uses DVB-H and it’s locked to the DSTV signal. So even if there is new providers like E-TV (they own 40% of the spectrum) you won’t be able to pick up their signal.

You will be amazed by the size of this device. It’s as big as a credit card, and almost as thick as a cellphone.

You probably have read that the antenna is a bit dodgy, that is true, I try to work carefully with the antenna.
Setting up the device is super quick, give DSTV a call (number in manual, and they are very helpful) and give your smart card/serial number (on the device) they will then activate it for you. Restart the device, and go stand outside if you still didn’t receive signal. I found that it takes quite a while to get the initial signal, but once you got that, the next time is within seconds.

Install the software provided on your Computer, and off you go. The TV Schedule is loaded and shows current/future program and progress of each channel.
It can take up to a minute to connect to a channel, but once you’re connected, you’re sorted. I don’t think traveling with this device would work. Because moving around with it, interfere with the signal. (Just my opinion.)

The Quality is quite good for that resolution. This will look amazing on a cell phone. Or just to watch the cricket game at work. This can’t work for a permanent tv solution. I currently own a HTC Hero which runs Android. There is no software out for this. But the technician explained they are currently working on this, and will be released asap.


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