How to bypass ISP Shaping

Also known as Packet shaping or Traffic shaping

I have looked for an article on the Internet myself doing this, and can’t find really something helpful. So here is something that helped me/friends out.
Ok. Due to a few reasons, I can’t give you a step-by-step guide how to do this. But, I can bump you in the right direction.
Read below

This article is probably mainly meant for South Africa Internet users (or where ever you’re being shaped), South Africa’s Internet is extremely expensive, slow and uncapped is shaped. Read below to see how to get faster speeds with uncapped.
Let me guess, you’ve gotten yourself uncapped 384k line or whatever, but is only getting 3-10Kb during work hours due to the ISP’s policies on AUP (Acceptable Usage Policies).  If you get good speeds all day round with your downloads (not web/http downloads), then you’re among the lucky few.
If you are using USENET , I’m not sure this is going to work for you, I haven’t tried it at all. But it definitely works with torrents. This is how.

Go to Google. Search for “proxies free”, You will see millions pop up. You are not looking for the web proxies where you can browse “safe and ect..”. You need the IP address of an public proxy server and port. There is sites listing these. Eg. They will also list the speed of each proxy next to it.

You will go through some trail and error due to some proxies does not allow downloads or torrents.

The way it works, is your traffic is encapsulated in the HTTP proxy, so it looks like your downloading/using HTTP traffic on port whatever.

Open your client. Enter the newly found proxy IP found in the previous step (most clients support proxy, there should be a tab/option for it) and see if you’re download starts. If it doesn’t work. Don’t give up. There is 1000’s of proxies on the Internet. You can also try closing you’re application and opening it again. My friend got 200KB/s + on his 4Mb account where he used to het 25KB/s max.

A good way to test if a proxy is active, it to add it to you browser (Google how to) and see if you can still browse the Internet.

Just a reminder, Some proxies prohibit the this usage, so read there TOS.


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