Google Chrome VS other browsers.

Just some thought and experience on Google Chrome browser compared to other browsers.
Firstly, I do want to mention that Google Chrome is extremely fast…

Here is some points on why I choose Google Chrome above other browsers.

  • Fast, Doesn’t lag when opening a new tab
  • When typing a new URL in the address bar, and you press enter and you realized you made a mistake, and press enter, you’re URL will still be there. Do the same in IE, and it disappears. 
  • Have your Home computer and work computer in SYNC with you’re Gmail account. Eg. If you added a Bookmark at work, and want to access it from home, all that data will be synced.
  • Performance on HTML 5. Try to open Google’s body browser ( using IE or Mozilla and you will see a worlds difference.
  • Plugins (extensions) is extremely fast and easy to install. One click. The one that I use on my Chrome is Adblock. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a advert.
Don’t let using the internet be a pain. It must be a fun and easy experience. 

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