Tablet Hype

Just for those who doesn’t know what a Tablet is;

Can be described as a mini Notebook or a large cellphone without the ability to make call. (skype is an option)
Very handy to watch some movies/series while away or waining in a mall for your girlfriend to finish the prolonged window shopping. Check you emails, Even take pictures. Play content on your HD Tv at home via HDMI output. The possibilities is endless. For a better explanation, have a look at:

For the past 4 months I have been monitoring the tablet market quite closely. For you that does not know, Like the Samsung Galaxy or IPAD, not pharmaceuticals.
Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)
Firstly, would like to get something of my mind. Why in the world is other manufacturers asking so much for their tablets. If Samsung wants to sell more tablets than Apple’s Ipad, Why ask the same price or more for it.

If you think about it. You can get an Notebook for more than half the price than a tablet costs, and it can do 10X more than the tablet. Yet it costs so much. It’s all about the ‘coolness’ of having one. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to get one. But currently I’m waiting on the right one to get. It will be definitely be running Android OS on it. I currently have an HTC Hero running android and are more than happy with it.

If you look on the internet about new tablets releasing, 2011 is going to a great year for it. Most of them is running dual core Tegra processors which is going to make things 10X better than before. The screen resolution is better, HDMI output, host usb (plug in flash drive), and much more.

ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet 8GBI have looked at the Archos 101. Which has an 10″ screen. HDMI out ect ect. But the price isn’t quite right yet. Maybe we all have to wait and see with the new year… Almost forgot, This year Google’s Honeycomb  will be out and most of the tablets will be running that.

At the CES 2011, they are announcing tablets left and right. An interesting tablet to look at is the new toshiba tablets

Have a look:


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