New Vari Condor 7M (2010 model)

So, I took a leap of faith with this kite. I wanted to get myself an 7m kite and someone offered my this model. I looked on the internet for reviews and couldn’t find a substantial amount of info. So here is some thoughts.

Once I took it out of it bag (recycled materials) I thought to myself, ‘Now this is how quality is suppose to feel like’. You can clearly feel the difference of kite, strong and neat. I must say, this has a negative effect on the low range of the kite because it does add some weight to it. But then again it’s an 7m and I intend to use it in extreme wind conditions.

Weird line across kite? HuH?

This is an first. There is this weird line running across the kite from the middle of the left side leading edge to the right side. And I can tell you, that makes a huge difference on the stability of the kite. Stops it from inverting if you drop/crashed it, and overall flight stability.

The kite was designed by a Wave rider, so what do you get, SPEED. This is really a plus on the kite.
It can move really fast through the air, and be stable as well when you need it. I used my BEST waroo 9m bar on this kite. The only thing I had to change is put 8cm lines/pigtails on the centre lines to make it work, because both is larks head. Looks something like this: 0—-0

There is also a EZ pump system in place, similar to the Fuel Slingshot kites. I prefer these over the Naish ones.

How can I forget. JUMPING. OMW.
You have incredible hang time on this kites. The first jump I did, I couldn’t believe myself.
Take a demo kite, try for yourself. I Think this kite is overlooked because it’s new in the market (VARI)
but it really is a amazing kite. I prefer the Condor over all my kites.


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