2010 Finally done (learned to kite surf)

2010 was a great year for me. Most memorable thing I did is learned to Kite surf.
This is probably the most fun one person can have on the water. So, just some thoughts on to get started…

  • Firstly, it’s dangerous (don’t want to put you off). One MUST pay attention to the rules of the beach and your safety equipment. Kites generate a-lot power…
  • Remember, you can let the kite go, don’t hold on to it for life and death. 
  • Read up on how to get started, like the dynamics of how a kite flies, watching the weather, and how to do your first water start.
  • Take some lessons on kitesurfing, you can do this a your local kite shop, ask around for the best place to learn, and the best teachers.
  • Kite surfing is expensive. Thats why I started out with second hand equipment. Try not to get equipment (kite, board harness) that is older than 2 years. 2006-2008 the technology of kites changed drastically, like the safety features, de-powering of the kite and wind range.
  • It always helps if you could start with a friend.
  • Look for a spot where the water isn’t to deep, so if you fall, you could stand up and recover your board. Trust me, you are going to fall quite a-lot the first few weeks. (at least it’s in water, hehe)

REAL KITEBOARDING Zero To Hero Instructional Dvd

    At first I got myself a Best Waroo 2008, 9m kite and a North X-ride board. I would recommend this to any one. The board is also amazing for the prise range, I got it just before the new 2011 was release. Amazing grip on the water with a nice soft feel. I weight 70KG and I can go up to 25 knots max. Which leads me to my new 2010 kite. See review to follow.

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