Teamviewer, remote desktop

I discovered Teamviewer 6 the other day, and I was quite impressed. If you familiar with Hamachi, this is very similar. It allows you to remote desktop to a computer with the application installed on it, and give support/assistance or help out a friend, or whatever you choose.

You can remote from your Android device to your Windows/Ubuntu system or whatever the combination is. There is a quick sign in option, then after that, you generate a code which you use to give to the remote party, and they then connect to that device. The best part is there is no port forwarding needed. Check it out here.

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Windows 7 snipping tool in linux

Want to take screenshots of certain area’s in Linix. Here is a great tool for the job. It’s called “shutter”. It patiently sits and wait in the panel (gnome) right click it, and select “Selection+”

You’re Selection will be automatically be ‘pasted’ in the program after you press Enter. From the menu you can “redo selection” which comes in handy if you take a lot of screen shots of the same area often.

The program also allows quick editing for the screenshots, and keeps a history.
sudo apt-get install shutter

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Tips to get your site indexed by multiple search providers

Do you have a website running for a while and it’s still not indexed, or your are getting very little hits.

Here is a few easy tips to get your website indexed:

  • Submit your website at Yahoo!
  • Submit your website at Bing
  • Try to get it indexed by Google, register at Webmaster Tools and submit your website there. You will find a lot of useful information there.
  • Create loads of back links. Comment useful information at blogs and forums.
  • Put your website address in you’re email signature

I hope this helps you out to get started.

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Icasa helping cheaper internet in South Africa?

Icasa, Telkom and Neotel is having heated discussions regarding the “last mile” in South Africa. Hopefully if all goes well in favour of the consumer, we could see cheaper Internet. Holding thumbs.

Read more here

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Celebs still wearing the "awesome" balance bracelets?

Is there someone out there that is monitoring the celebs that is so proudly wearing the ‘new’ balance bracelets and if they are still wearing it after the manufacturer admitted there is no scientific proof of this working. Let us know.

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Another Google Chrome game

If you have seen this, you will definitely like Poppit. Poppit is also advertised on Google Chrome (when you click on the + button to the top far right corner)
So, if you have time to burn. Check it out. Be sure to have Google Chrome.

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New and addictive game advertised Google Chrome

Do yourself a favor, take a look at this game, it’s called Untaglement. This will keep you going for days. The target is to make paths as long as possible without reaching the outside and inside barrier.

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